Monday, April 14, 2008

Try Ballroom Dancing!

In New York City, where funding cuts and difficult conditions were eliminating all physical education in public schools, a revolutionary program providing ballroom classes to grade school children brought families and communities together in an exciting way of increasing activity. Happy Healthy Kids hopes to bring this same effective program to Utah's schools!

This culturally minded program will provide all students the opportunity of physical activity in a form that is fun, appealing, and exciting, providing ballroom classes to fourth and fifth grade classes throughout the state. If this proposal is approved, Happy Healthy Kids will partner with the Utah Department of Health (UDOH) and the American Ballroom Theater to ensure that all of our instructors are qualified to teach under Utah law. Local school boards and the Utah’s State Office of Education will collaborate to ensure adequate schools participate in the program, and local PTA’s will provide necessary promotion to parents. Happy Healthy Kids is excited about this effective program and, should funds be awarded, plans to implement these classes in the Fall of 2009.
For example of one program happening at Lousianna State University, visit

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